A southwest Calgary neighbourhood, mapped.

About → The Project

The community of Bankview has a rich history and is filled with historic buildings, some of the best vantage points in the city, public art, charming parks, and incredible people (and their dogs).

The idea was proposed through resident engagement (via the City of Calgary and This is My Neighbourhood) to collect and celebrate all that is wonderful about Bankview, graphically map it, and share it with the community (you!). The map includes landmarks, topography (where my hills at?), some historical references and a general sense of the neighbourhood.

For the first edition and printing, the map was made as complete as possible. Many community members were contacted for input and over 60 residents responded to a survey with suggestions of what to include. It is expected that even more suggestions (and corrections) will be raised now that this first edition is complete. All comments are welcome via email.

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About → Chris

I’m Chris Pecora, a graphic designer, illustrator, and resident of Bankview for the past 7 years.

Feel free to send me an email, follow me on Instagram, or check out my website.